Xntz Series Energy-Saving Rare-Earth Material Integrated Style Permanent-Magnet Synchronous Motor

Xntz Series Energy-Saving Rare-Earth Material Integrated Style Permanent-Magnet Synchronous Motor

Merchandise Description

  In very last couple of years, our company have compensated a lots of human useful resource, funds, and time to create new products. Now we can lastly introduce to absolutely everyone our latest motor – XNTZ sequence Everlasting-magnet synchronous motor.
  The XNTZ sequence permanent-magnet synchronous motor is a wide – velocity adjustable pushed product characterised by substantial successful, strength-saving and substantial power density.
  The motor has adopted the permanent-magnet materials of rare-earth NdFeB, offer the energy with an inverter. It have the character of quickly and accurate dynamic response, broad adjustable of range, steady torque and rotating speed, little volume, light-weight fat, considerably less energy loss, higher torque, action-less speed regulation, reversible adjustable, substantial electrical power element, substantial performance, and so forth. The motor is in a position to help save 35% electricity compares to standard IE1 motors, following using this motor for one particular calendar year, you can simply get the motor value back again from the electricity! Compared to the asynchronous motor, the XNTZ collection motor is ready to preserve a stable large-productive and substantial electricity element although the motor’s load differs extensively, and it is very appropriate for industrial fans, pumps, pavement building devices, air compressors, and so forth.

XNTZ built-in type long term-magnet synchronous motor
XNTZ built-in fashion long term-magnet synchronous motor is based on the XNTZ sequence motor. We put the control program box on the prime of the motor, to make the life time lengthier, and maximize the overall performance.

Solution performance and traits:

1. High performance and strength preserving

  Using high performance exceptional earth long term magnet substance, and specific stator slot form and rotor structure, creating the motor efficiency and capable to achieved IE4 common. Compares to regular IE1 motors, this motor is capable to save 30%-40% electrical power

2. Large overall performance

  Less inertia, huge starting torque wider running frequency

three. Tiny quantity

  A more compact volume: compared with the same electricity asynchronous motor, the body is smaller sized

3. Substantial trustworthiness

  Lower existing, considerably less temperature rise, significantly less cooper reduction, more time existence

four. Modular design and style

  Flexible configuration of a lot of modules, this sort of as the unbiased travel fan, encoder, and so on

5. Applicability

  Able to employed in many abominable atmosphere, even for a extended-time and minimal-velocity operation, repeated start off and other events

6. Versatility

  Same composition as the asynchronous motor, it can substitute the asynchronous motor directly.

seven. Basic management

  The motor use variable frequency vector manage, make it large handle accuracy and less fault.

CZPT Knowledge

Energy Element
one. .seventy five 380 1.five two hundred 3000 91.5 .ninety eight two.four
one.five one.1 380 two.one two hundred 3000 ninety two.5 .98 3.five
two. 1.5 380 3. 200 3000 92.5 .98 four.eight
three. 2.two 380 4.two two hundred 3000 ninety three.five .ninety eight seven.
XNTZ-a hundred and twenty-90L 4. three. 380 five.7 two hundred 3000 ninety four .ninety eight nine.five
five.5 4. 380 7.5 200 3000 ninety four.2 .98 twelve.7
XNTZ-one hundred eighty-112S five.five four. 380 7.1 two hundred 3000 ninety four .ninety eight twelve.7
seven.5 5.5 380 ten two hundred 3000 94 .ninety eight 17.five
XNTZ-a hundred and eighty-112L ten seven.five 380 13.6 two hundred 3000 ninety four.five .ninety eight 24
15 eleven 380 19.7 two hundred 3000 ninety five .98 35
twenty.five fifteen 380 27 200 3000 95.2 .98 48
XNTZ-210-132S seven.5 5.5 380 9.six 200 3000 94.5 .ninety eight 17.5
ten seven.five 380 13.2 200 3000 95 .98 24
fifteen eleven 380 19 200 3000 ninety five.five .ninety eight 35
XNTZ-210-132L twenty.five 15 380 26 200 3000 95.5 .ninety eight 48
twenty five eighteen.five 380 32 two hundred 3000 95.five .98 59
thirty 22 380 38.5 200 3000 ninety six .98 70

Xntz Series Energy-Saving Rare-Earth Material Integrated Style Permanent-Magnet Synchronous Motor