Neodymium Bonded Magnet for Car Motor Generator Ring Magnet Bonded NdFeB with Black Epoxy Coating

Neodymium Bonded Magnet for Car Motor Generator Ring Magnet Bonded NdFeB with Black Epoxy Coating

Bonded Mould Compression/Injection NdFeB Magnet

Compression bonded magnets are composed of a particular kind of NdFeB powder with adhesive and employing compression molding strategies in straightforward resources, it can be quickly machined into intricate shapes. Since its supplies are isotropic, bonded NdFeB magnet can be magnetized in any direction or with a number of poles. Specific magnetizing fixtures are essential in get to attain a number of poles magnetization, depending on complexity of design and creation.

Application Regions

  • Excellent mechanical toughness and surface end.
  • Compression molded magnets can be manufactured to extremely limited tolerances.
  • Better cracking and chipping resistance than other uncommon earth magnets.
  • Outstanding strength to weight ratio.
  • Can be molded into a range of designs and sizes.
  • Magnetic values up to ten MGOe.
  • The strength item is three moments as huge as anisotropic ferrite. The intrinsic coercive power is high. In the course of the big-scale manufacturing, the magnetic qualities are stable and conformity is good.
  • One-time molding and multi-poles orientation.
  • Reduced tooling cost.
  • Co-injected assemblies.
  • Powerful area therapy to prevent corrosion.
  • Broadly applied in all sorts of mini-motors, vehicle motors, air-conditioner motors, automatic managing devices, sensors, motorists, telecom and instrument sector.
  • Stable working temperature: It can be higher up to 150ºC.

. Creation Flow:

nine.Top quality Control 

Air Packing with iron sheet to sheild magnetic for every single carton before air cargo CZPT packing with Pallet.

You should give the subsequent particulars when you enquiry: 
1.Which Grade you require? Or explain to us what is actually the greatest functioning temperature you require? We can suggest you grade after we find out much more about your undertaking.
two.What is the shape and dimensions you require?Or we can suggest you following following we find out much more about your venture.
3.What’s the magnetized orientation you require? Or we can style it for you soon after soon after we find out a lot more about your venture.
four.Which coating you need? Or we can suggest you following we discover far more about your venture.
five.How a lot of quantity you need to have.

Anyway,we can recommend you and style it for you too after we understand much more about your project.

Transportation: By air or ocean cargo from HangCZPT or ZheJiang to all close to the entire world

We can give you all CZPT magnetd, magnetic applications and style them for you as well!
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Neodymium Bonded Magnet for Car Motor Generator Ring Magnet Bonded NdFeB with Black Epoxy Coating