6000V Ball Re-Rolling Mill Asynchronous AC Electric Three Phase Induction Motor

6000V Ball Re-Rolling Mill Asynchronous AC Electric Three Phase Induction Motor

The energy degree, installation proportions and electrical efficiency of the 6KV higher-voltage slip ring three-period asynchronous motor are in compliance with related IEC expectations. The basic installation approach of the motor is the horizontal base angle (IMB3), the operating program is the ongoing working system (S1), and the wound rotor is produced of Class F insulation materials.
The bearing of 6KV large-voltage wound rotor slip ring motor has two kinds of rolling bearing and sliding bearing, depending on the motor energy and velocity. If the motor has a high degree of protection, the security stage of the bearing will also improve. The rated frequency of the motor’s energy provide is 50Hz, the rated voltage is 6000V, and the fundamental kind of security is IP54. The motor slip ring housing can be safeguarded to IP22 or IP23. Other voltage, frequency and diploma of protection motors are also CZPT upon ask for.
6KV large voltage winding rotor slip ring motor main outlet box is IP54 safety grade, usually mounted on the appropriate facet of the motor (going through the motor shaft extension stop), can also be set up on the still left facet of the motor in accordance to the get needs. Within the principal outlet box, outside the house There are individual floor terminals.
6KV high-voltage winding slip ring motor boosts the location and bearing temperature measuring device. It can also incorporate heating gadget inside of the motor. The shaft extension important of the motor generally adopts the tangential crucial, and the motor carbon brush is not lifting construction.
6KV substantial-voltage wound rotor slip ring motor can be employed to travel a variety of different machinery, this sort of as compressors, pumps, crushers, reducing machine resources, transportation equipment and other mechanical products, in mining, equipment market, petrochemical market, power vegetation, etc. Utilised as primary mover in numerous industrial and mining enterprises. The motor utilized to push the blower, coal mill, rolling mill and winch should indicate the purpose and complex needs when purchasing, and adopt specific style to guarantee dependable operation.

Heart top range: H355 ~ 1000mm
Power range: 220kW ~ 10000kW
Number of poles: 2/4/six/eight/ten/12
Rated voltage: 6000V/6600V
Rated frequency: 50HZ/60HZ
Security amount: IP54 or IP55
Insulation course: F
Perform method: S1 (ongoing)
Cooling strategy: IC611/IC616
Set up type: IMB3
Motor relationship: Y (a few outlet terminals in the junction box, the junction box from the extension of the spindle is found on the proper aspect of the base)
Altitude: no more than 1000m
This sort of motor is suitable for use in environments exactly where the ambient air temperature does not exceed forty ° C and there is no severe dust, the bare minimum ambient air temperature is -15 ° C, and there is no corrosive and explosive gasoline in the air (which can also be manufactured into a damp heat or high-altitude motor).

The 6KV high-voltage wound rotor slip ring motor can increase the big starting up torque at a little starting recent. The motor is ideal for applications exactly where the ability of the feeder line is inadequate to start off the squirrel-cage rotor, the starting time is lengthy, the beginning is regular, and the modest-variety speed regulation is required. This sequence of motors has the positive aspects of higher effectiveness, energy conserving, minimal sound, minimal vibration, light fat, reputable efficiency, hassle-free installation and routine maintenance.

The business insists on delivering large-top quality motor products and solutions to end users, and has gained substantial praise from a lot of domestic and foreign consumers. The company will receive numerous overseas merchants to go to our factory each calendar year, and build a great cooperative connection via on-internet site inspection of our factory. Our firm often welcomes buyers to check out our manufacturing unit.

Our firm’s motor producing manufacturing unit adheres to the notion of inexperienced, productive and power-preserving creation support, pays attention to the harmonious development of interior and exterior surroundings, builds environmentally pleasant motor manufacturing enterprises, strictly implements motor normal approach, and selects substantial-high quality strength-preserving supplies to make certain the quality of motor goods.

one. The outer packaging of the goods are all regular export-oriented wood plywood packaging.
two, the item packaging is secured by humidity, water plastic soft packaging
three. For merchandise with unique transportation needs (this sort of as temperature, fragile, variability, and easy to get wet), the packaging safety actions will be strengthened, and the goal mark will be printed on the package.
4. There are apparent symptoms and symbols on the packing box that need to be paid out interest to in the course of transportation and storage (such as situation, humidity, rain, shockproof, lifting place, and many others.).


6000V Ball Re-Rolling Mill Asynchronous AC Electric Three Phase Induction Motor