180m Depth Crawler Water Well Drilling Machine for Sale

180m Depth Crawler Water Well Drilling Machine for Sale

180m Crawler Sort DTH Borehole H2o Nicely Drilling Rig

FYX180 multifunctional crawler well drill is a new,very-powerful ,strength-saving and multifunctional hydraulic drill and it is specialized in drilling nicely ,checking nicely, geothermal air-conditioning gap,grouting hole of the hydropower cofferdam ,grouting gap for dyke seepage control and grouting hole for base enforcement ,surface mining ,anchorage .national defense venture and other drilling operationsThe drill rig is geared up with hydraulic motor rotation with a higher electrical power,propulsion and lifting of cylinder and down-gap impacter with higher blast pressure,to comprehend large usefulness of drilling footage and minimal vitality usage.


one, The engine using Quanchai 55Kw turbocharged diesel engine

two, Walking devices: walking motor with gear box, long working life

3, The hydraulic pump: United States PERMCO hydraulic pump can meet the requirements of the hydraulic program for the operating movement of the drilling rig. The operating force is high, which can satisfy the needs of the hefty load working of the rig and has a lengthy provider daily life

four, The power head device: gearbox casting, double motor to provide power, large torque, durability, maintenance cost is lower

five, Rig chassis: professional digging machine chassis, durable, large bearing capacity, wide chain plate, which has small damage to the hard road

six, The lifting force: patented design compound arm, arm in small size, long stroke, double-cylinder upgrade, lifting with huge tonnage

7, Lifting arms of each rig are installed limiter to protect the cylinder safety cylinder and to protect the security of the work process

8, Each of the hydraulic oil tube are wrapped with protective jacket, which make the oil tubes have a longer service time.

Specification for Crawler Penumatic CZPT DTH Properly Drilling:

Model FYone hundred thirty FYX180 FYX200 FYL200 FY200
Total Fat (kg) 3000 4500 5000 5000 5800
Dimension (mm) 4000*1450*2050 3800*1500*2200 3900*1700*2300 3950*1700*2300 4000*1750*2450
Gap diameter (mm) a hundred-219 one hundred forty-254 a hundred and forty-203 140-203 a hundred and forty-305
Gap depth (m) a hundred thirty 180 200 two hundred two hundred
Disposable drilling depth (mm) 2000 3300 3300 3300 3300
Going for walks pace (km / h) 2.five 2.5 2.5 2.five two.five
Climbing potential (Max.) thirty 30 30 30 thirty
Working force (Mpa) 1.45-2.five 1.7-2.five one.seven-three. 1.seven-three. 1.seven-3.
Air usage (m3 / min) 15-29 17-31 seventeen-30 17-30 seventeen-30
Matching power (kw) 23 55 sixty five fifty five sixty five
Rotational velocity (rpm) forty-sixty five forty five-sixty five 45-65 forty five-65 45-70
Lifting pressure (Ton) 6 10 13 13 15
Rotational torque (N.M) 2200-3000 3200-4600 3300-4700 3300-4700 3500-4800
Drill Rod Measurement(mm) Φ76,Φ89
Drill Duration(M) 1.five  2. one.5  2.  3.

Drill Rod

DTH Drill Bit

DTH Hammer


180m Depth Crawler Water Well Drilling Machine for Sale